Strategic Business Litigation

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Touma Law has substantial experience in business and consumer disputes. We regularly represent individuals, businesses and professionals with a wide array of legal disputes in the areas of Real Estate, Contract and Commercial litigation. In addition we advise clients on their rights and liabilities involving LLC member disputes, non-compete, breach of fiduciary duty, business torts, partnership disputes, confidentiality agreements, settlement and release agreements, buyer-seller disputes, employment disputes, company shareholder disputes and many others.

Civil Litigation

A Touma Law, we take pride in counseling and defending our clients. We represent individuals and businesses in a variety of complex contractual and tort litigation matters, such as: fraud, negligent misrepresentation, real estate fraud, real estate disputes, undue influence, boundary line disputes, encroachment, interfering with business relationships, negligence and much more.

Partnership Disputes

Whether you need a strong demand letter sent or lawsuit filed, Touma Law will aggressively and diligently advocate for you at all stages to ensure you interests are protected.

Real Estate Disputes

Whether your are purchasing a property or have a dispute with a neighbor, let Touma Law guide you through the situation and help you get the best results possible.

Contract Disputes

Touma Law will advocate for you to enforce contracts or defend against claims that you have breached a contract. We take pride in drafting contracts for almost any industry or purpose to ensure our clients have an edge against the opposition and focus on their business.


If you have a dispute with an individual or entity, Touma Law will fight to ensure your interests are protected. We provide calculated and aggressive representation for a wide variety of legal matters. Contact us today by calling, emailing, or submitting this form.

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